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Omni HQ 14/18mm Low Pro RT

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$ 234.95

OMNI Hybrid Quartz Low Pro RT 14/18mm 

  • - Product made of 100% fused Quartz. 99.9% Pure G.E. Semiconductor Grade Quartz
  • Very low coefficient of expansion (almost zero), 1/7th that of bore.
  • - Extremely high thermal shock resistance (thin sections can be heated rapidly to 1500f and then plunged into water without cracking or losing integrity)
  • - Best heat retention of all glass products available on market today
 Omni Quartz dish threads on to our existing RT nails only 
The entire dish is Quartz with no metal to get in the way.


To assemble, carefully twist 1/2 turn counter-clockwise to ensure threads are not crossed. Carefully turn clockwise to assemble. NEVER force on or off. If you encounter resistance, stop and turn counter-clockwise another 1/2 and then turn clockwise.
To disassemble, carefully turn counter-clockwise. If you encounter
resistance, stop. Apply heat to loosen residue before continuing.
Always keep threads clean and free of residue.
For use with compatible Omni products only. Do not force on or off. Do not cross threads. We do not warranty breaks along threads. We warranty manufacturing defects on unused products only.

Due to State Law we are unable to sell/ship titanium tool items to Pennsylvania customers. Purchases made within that state will be issued a refund.